Team Member - Process Management
At [TERRITORY] Advice Givers®, our Media Company and through our real estate company, [COMPANY NAME], and Impact Club™, our focus is on the development of meaningful relationships. That is what drives us! And to tell the stories of local business owners and area non-profits. That means: Our real estate clients? Podcast guests? Members of Impact Club? They're family. And our top priority.

To not drop any balls!! - EVER!

In this position, The Process will be your baby. You will be responsible for continually managing the processes that are put in place and holding your team members accountable to it as well. The inner-workings of our company are more complicated than it appears on the surface and if one "company" fails, we all fail. There has to be fluidity from one side of the states to the other so that we are all working together to constantly grow, streamline and succeed as a unit. So this position is incredibly important. Your work will matter. We aim to create a magic moment and a company culture where everyone can thrive, both personally and professionally. 

OK... Enough of the boring "How awesome our company is" speech (even though we are pretty awesome). You're probably wondering what this position entails, the responsibilities, expectations, etc. But, before we get there I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions:
•  Was back to school shopping for pencil pouches, multi-colored highlighters and the latest or greatest planner the best part of a new school year for you? 

•  Does it excite you to sit down and master a new program or product you once knew nothing about? Do you aim to know EVERYTHING about it?

•  Does your brain work like a clock, designating specific time slots to each task that needs to be completed on a daily basis? Including but not limited to how long it will take you to reach the freeway on-ramp on a Tuesday morning at 8:00am when the traffic is lighter than every other day.

•  Have you spent your life constantly trying to find a faster, better and more efficient way to get things done? Even chores or on your commute home?

•  If you had one wish, would you wish for an unlimited budget to the Containerstore? 

•  Did you just look up the Containerstore? If so, did you get excited or did you wonder why the heck I even mentioned it?
If it was the latter and you're wondering why I mentioned it or quite possibly, why you're still reading this post... I'll save you some time wasted. This job is not for you. 

If you're still excited or curious, keep reading. We may have just the place for you. 

  •  We use [PM SOFTWARE] as our project management solution. If you're not familiar, you'll be trained on how to use it and quickly grow to love it. This is KEY to our success as a company. [PM SOFTWARE] is where ALL of our processes are built and where ALL of our communication takes place. The idea is that any member of our team could be anywhere in the world and our business/company will move foreword without a hitch.
  •  Manage and optimize the process. This isn't simply a check-list position, where you're told to follow instructions. The process is your baby, and you should own it. This means continually looking for ways to improve it. You will work closely with our team and go through extensive training with Ashley (who she is, is a story for another day) to continually build and streamline each and every process. 
  •  Be accountable while holding your team accountable. Meaning, practice what you preach. The process will not work if everyone is not using it to its full potential. This starts from the top and trickles down. YOU will need to be a master of the process or be driven and self motivated enough to become a "master" of the process. You will also be in charge of making sure your team is executing the process 100% and using is correctly, everyday and for every project. YOU can't be passive nor a micro-manager. The processes are designed to keep our teams on track, increase flow and productivity while allowing them to maintain their independence and growth.
  •  Superior communication. The essence of this position is coordinating dozens and dozens, if not a hundred or more different steps, to get each team members' business transactions completed. This includes the Production Team, Setup team, [COMPANY] & [LAG PODCAST], Impact Club™, real estate transactions and the ops team. And admittedly, it can be frustrating when people don't pick up on things as quickly as you might, but if someone has to ask, then perhaps we didn't train well enough. Maybe we weren't the best teachers. The thing about the superior communicator is, he or she always accepts responsibility for the misunderstanding. Then he or she asks, "How may I explain that more clearly?" When a better explanation is then offered, that new answer can then be updated in process to prevent future (similar) miscommunications.  
  •  The ability to triage and track over a dozen different processes for multiple departments at once. Different team members, keep in mind, are often at a different place within their process. So organization and a mind for staying on top of many moving pieces is essential.
  •  Work as a part of the team. We have fun. We love each other. To provide one another the best work environment possible, teamwork is critical.
Note: This job isn't for everyone nor is this way of thinking and analyzing. It is highly unique and hard to come by. Our company is not a huge corporation with systems and processes already put in place, it is your job to work with the team to figure out HOW to build and implement these systems. You may think you will thrive in an environment like ours which gives you a lot of freedom but requires a lot of self-motivation and self-designed structure. However, you might not. And that's okay. What we do and how we operate isn't for everyone. You must be innovative, fast moving, fast thinking, confident, authoritative, respectful and constantly improving. 
THIS IS NOT A TECH POSITION, and NO TECHNICAL SKILL IS REQUIRED, although you should know your way around a computer, and have excellent typing skills, as the primary mode of communication will be via the written word. You will not only be managing the process for basic office/admin work but you will be working closely with the rest of the PMT/Ops team to continuously improve and fine-tune our existing processes as well. You do not need experience or an understanding of Video Production, Real estate, mortgage or podcast production, however, you will need to have the ability to see the bigger picture. To see the long game and not just the short game. To predict potential issues and posses the skills you need to put out fires before they even start. 
A Member of The "Process Management Team" - Is A Project Manager
  •  Each branch of our company is unique and operates completely different from one to the next. Those process (within their departments) will need to be managed, from introduction to completion, then throughout the relationship with the client and or team! This means you will need to be organized. We use [PM SOFTWARE], and checklists, as a means to ensure this. But you'll need to be diligent about executing the process, documenting the projection completion checkpoints and for building out processes, where they are needed. Every step needs to be managed. Being and staying organized is a critical part of this position. Creativity and "outside the box" thinking are great and encouraged, but chaos is something I can't tolerate. Business is chaotic enough. I can't take anymore. So, the ideal person for this position should be capable of effective project management. Further, he or she should be able to spot where the process could be improved. We are constantly streamlining the processes that we've designed, to constantly improve them. So your input here will be valued and appreciated. In a sense, you'll be the CEO of each process or project. Above all, I want you to know that your work matters! - you will be an integral part of this team. Making a lasting difference and impact in our client's lives. IMPORTANT: I do not want to micro-manage you. I want to help you learn the process. Then I want to turn you loose -- to do what you do best - at the highest level possible. Your communication skills will also need to be impeccable, as we'll be coordinating back and forth with other providers/vendors/contractors to most effectively complete each process. 
Core belief: 
  •  We believe work should be fun. We believe people should laugh and enjoy what they do, in an environment that supports that. Everyday people trudge off to jobs they hate, not because of the work they do, but because of the environment they're in. Whether it's corporate or under the thumb of some micro-manager, it's depressing. Here, you'll find something much different. Fun is a priority. 
Education & Experience: 
  •  I don't give a shit about a college degree. Your work ethic will speak for itself. Your willingness to learn, will speak for itself. Your passion for being the best you can be, will speak for itself. A piece of paper - a college degree - does not "qualify" or "disqualify" you. Only you, based on your Character traits, can qualify or disqualify you. 
  •  I've come across a lot of stupid people that have 10 years experience. So no, just like a college education, "experience" does not qualify or disqualify you. But here's what I'm looking for. Someone who can take on task, set a deadline, stays organized, and completes that task on time with 100% accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. If you tell me it will be done Tuesday at 5pm. Then it needs to be done Tuesday by 5 pm. And you need to have the chops to deliver great work. If something unexpected comes up, an emergency, I get it. It happens. I have kids,  but that kind of "delay" should be the exception, not the rule. And here's why: We operate under the constant pressure of deadlines, so any delay from you, in your project, may derail the entire train. Your team and I need to be able to count on you. And you need to be able to count on us. If you need anything - we're a team - I will get it for you. I will fight for you. We'll battle together. So I must be able to depend on you. Your chops. Your skills. Your character. Your work ethic. All of it! 
This is a full-time position
That being said, If you think you'd be a great addition to our team, click the "Apply Now" button below to submit your application.  
What Sets Us Apart
Making Impact!
Perks of working at [TERRITORY] Advice Givers® 
Just as we're committed to our brothers and sisters - the 
clients we work for. I'm equally committed to my people. 
It is, after all, my people, together - you, me, fighting 
alongside each other to make a difference - that is 
our growth engine.
Our beliefs differentiate us. People are my company's growth engine. If there is one tenet of our culture that resides above all others - It's respect. I will fight for you and have your back. At all times. I hope you will do the same for me!
Generous Paid Time Off
Including National Holidays (we want you to be happy and spend time with your family and friends rejuvenating). It's simple: We work hard so that we can play hard too. And yes! We will pay you to spend holidays with your family!
New Laptop
We believe in effectiveness, productivity and fun. And staring at that "blue screen of death" is a productivity killer. So, a new MacBook it is. Plus, whatever tools you need to do your job at the highest level. It's on us!
Flexible Schedule
I have kids. Shit happens. Life happens. Sometimes the flexibility to work different hours. Different days. Makes all the difference, 
between stress, worry and being at complete peace of mind.
Structured Freedom
We expect you to work hard. We even have an incredible office for you to work at, as this is a 90% in office position. But sometimes, it's a sunny day and you want to sit outside at Starbucks, Panera, etc. sipping that Ice Tea. Well, do it. 

Education Reimbursement
Learning is very important in our culture! We offer a $1,000/yearly stipend to encourage you to buy books, listen to trainings, and purchase materials that will help you grow professionally and personally.
Promote From Within
We invest heavily in you. No one wants you to be more successful than me. The best way to keep great people? Keeping giving them the opportunity for advancement and greater responsibility. 
Health Allowance
A sharp mind is a machine of beauty. Too often though we neglect the rest of our body. Too much stress. Too many work hours. Not enough sleep. No relaxation. Every month you can expense $75 toward the gym or massage. Stay loose. 
Quarterly Retreats
Sometimes you just need to get away. The constant act of slaying dragons isn't easy. So, a different mindset. A different environment. A chance to escape the office and into a place of creativity. Boom!
Together, We'll Build Great Things.
Meet the Founder
Hi, my name is [MEMBER NAME]. I founded [TERRITORY] Advice Givers® back in 20XX. And since this page isn't about me but about the career opportunity at hand, I won't belabor the details of my own story. Briefly though, I will share what makes us different is how we think. The first few years I struggled to define the company or to give it an identity. Then I stopped trying to be what everyone else thought the company and I should be, and started following my own convictions - made stronger by the feedback of those closest to me. Today, we're expanding the reach of the podcast. Impact Club™ and our sister company [REAL ESTATE BUSINESS], building relationships, and spreading the stories of others at the same time. And, the fact you're considering my company, as a place to put down roots, I am honored and appreciative!
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